Hire a club boat

We have a range of club owned dinghies available for our members.

These consist of a range of single and double handers from the perfect beginner boats for children and adults through so ones which are a little more involved for those wanting something a bit more exciting.

Our club dinghy fleet is proudly maintained but a group of dedicated volunteers who always make sure these are maintained for use ready at the weekends ready for your sail!

How do I get to use a club boat?

Firstly, you must have had an acquaint session so that we can check that you can sail and that we can show you the equipment and how we manage it.

Secondly, once the first step is all good, you can then book club boats for use when there is sailing activities taking place on the water. Use your fixtures list to identify when these dates and times are.

How to book a club boat?

The Club boat booking folder is located in the race box, simply place your name against the boat you want. On the day make sure you place the fee in the tin at the race box and get the race officer to check you off.

Turn up on the the day, rig your boat and once the Safety Boat is on the water you can go. There is a rule which means that over 16 knots sailors cannot use boats. This will always be at the discretion of the race officer.

If you are unsure of how to rig the boat or need assistance, use your skills and tact to ask other members to help you, I am sure they will be only to happy to help!

We ask that all boats are put away properly with the equipment left how you found it.

The Club boat booking terms and conditions can be found below, please review them.

If you have any questions, please contact the Sailing Commodore.

For your induction please email the Sailing Commodore

Oppie – £3.00
12, Single Hander Dinghies

Topper – £5.00
4, Single Hander Dinghies

RS Vision – £10.00
2, Multi Hander Dinghies

laser-2000-logo Laser 2000 – £10.00
1, Multi Hander Dinghy

RS-Tera-logoRS Tera – £3.00
8, Single Hander Dinghies

Laser Pico – £5.00
6, Single/Double Handed Dinghies

RS Feva – £5.00
4, Multi Hander Dinghies

Wayfarer-logo Wayfarer – £10.00
1, Multi Hander Dinghy

Mirror – £5.00
1, Single-Multi Hander Dinghy