Volunteer Duty Access

This is the bit that keeps the cogs turning:

Sailing Club Manager allows us to organise our membership in that we can track your personal information, contact you and manage those all important volunteer duties. We have this system such that it removes a significant burden from the committees in having to make sure members do what they should be doing.

What does Sailing Club Manager do for me?

  • you can access your duty roster
  • you can look at your own duties
  • you can request a duty swap
  • you can manage your boats and dinghy parking spaces
  • you can access your personal membership details
  • you can review the members’ directory to be able to contact other members
  • you can review your membership invoices
  • you can renew your membership online
  • you can reset your password

Coming soon …

  • Online booking for events
  • Online booking for courses
  • Online booking for club boats

Members are requested to manage and keep an eye on their personal information. Using the link, you were provided when you joined our club you can access these systems, review your details and update as buy adipex required. – This saves our membership secretary and healthordisease.com DutyMan Manager much time. If you have any questions concerning this please email.

Paul Crane-Whatmore

DutyMan Manager

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HHSC Sailing Club Manager