We recognise that it is important to offer a structured training offering which caters for each of the stages which you are learning at. Undertaking your start sailing qualification and leaving you to your own devices simply isn’t enough. At our club we are proud to offer enhanced sessions with you in groups, that continues to help develop your skills and most importantly your confidence.

What is a Typical progression route at Hill Head?

Whether you are a Child or Adult it is very similar.

  1. Your Start Sailing Qualification – Getting you up and running with the basics.
  2. Starting to attend sailing activities at the sailing club – Check out your fixtures list.
  3. Attend an enhanced sailing session group – We run a mixture of these to suit all ages
  4. Continue to attend sailing activities – Trying racing to help you with your confidence.
  5. Perhaps undertake an RYA Sailing module, for example sailing with Spinnakers.
  6. Continue to build your confidence by participating in sailing events. Make it regular!

We encourage members to read our start sailing and enhanced sailing skills menu options for more specific details on the courses we run.

If you ever have any more specific questions we are only too happy to help.

Please get in contact with either the RYA Principal or the Sailing Training Co-ordinator.

Dan Wills

RYA Principal

Email me

Margaret Hyde

Sailing Training Coordinator

Email me

Richard Whiteley

Chief Powerboat Instructor

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